It’s been a while since Matt and I have worked on some hardwood flooring.  We purchased 44 boxes of hardwood flooring when we purchased our home last July.  We put hardwood flooring in the living room, dining room, Matt’s son’s bedroom, and our bedroom.  After all that we still have 9 boxes left.  Originally we were planning to do the kitchen as well but decided to tile that room instead.  What to do with the left over?  Well, do another room.  We have a small bedroom thats off the living room right by the front door.  And since it’s right off the living room we decided to change the direction of the wood so we don’t have to worry about everything being straight.  Anyway, here’s the progress so far.  (With some tips that I’ve figured out.)

I measured out from my starting corner 2 feet in each direction and snapped a chalk line.  Measure the line, subtract a 1/2 inch.  Take your first board and cut your first 45º cut so that the groove side is shorter.  Measure from the point on the tongue side and mark your opposing 45º cut.  This should line up with the chalk like with 1/4 inch gap on each side.  Blind nail into place with a nail gun.  Once you have worked away from the wall a little you can use a floor nailer, but the very edges will always need to be nail with a nail gun.

 I also had a heat vent to work around almost right away.  I measured and marked the wood with a square, then used a jig saw, and miter saw to make the cuts.

Work your way out into the room.  I found that if you make 3 separate beginning pieces with 45º angle cuts and work your way to the other end, but leave the last piece open, you can work with 3 rows at a time, you will be switching your miter angle less ofter and saving yourself time. 

Once I worked myself across to the first corner, I cut a beginning piece.  I figured it would be easier to start then try to figure the measurements for 2 separate 45º angles.  But it still was not as easy as 2 equal cuts.  I only had a small amount along the first wall to cover but more on the new wall that I was going to be working on.  I decided to make the longer cut first and then just guess on the next cut.  It took a few extra trips to the miter saw but I only used the one piece of wood and it turned out perfect.  Then just blind nail the board into place with the nail gun.  The floor nailer will not work even further from the wall now since the angle has changed.  

Here is an easy way to measure the last piece to fill into the space between the wall and the last whole board.  First mark with a pencil the direction of the 45º angle for reference.  I get confused a lot and this saves me from making the wrong cut.  Then flip the board around so that the tongue is touching the tongue on the last whole board.  Make sure the boards are parallel and the other end is butting up against the wall. 

Take a speed square and lay it on the board so that the 45º angle is going in the same direction as your reference mark and line it up with the corner of the whole board.  Then move it towards the wall 1/4 inch.  Mark the angle with a pencil and there is your cut line.  I have had a few cuts that I’ve had to cut just a little bit more but, it a lot better than cutting off too much.

I hope these tips that I have figured out so far are helpful.  If I discover any other tips while finishing the second half of the room I will be sure to share them.  And of course I will post some after pictures when I am all finished.  Hopefully in a week or two (just in time for x-mas).  Happy Monday!